About Us

About Anna Sudha

Anna Sudha Community Kitchen is a non-profit organization with the mission of providing healthy and delicious food for the Northern Virginia community.
The organization strives to create awareness about nutrition and health in the community. Anna Sudha Community Kitchens has been providing fresh, nutritious vegetarian meals that are all prepared at a central location, at nonprofit rates. The food is lovingly prepared for pickup.

We Make Fresh Food Available

Many people don’t have time to shop for groceries and prepare a healthy meal every day. We make it easy by bringing a variety of fresh, ready-to-eat meals directly for pickup on fixed days.

We Cook For the Northern Virginian Community

Our regular customers are members of the Northern Virginian Community, who have come together to form a mutually supportive community kitchen based on the principles of integrity, humanity, trust, and self-reliance. Our regular patrons include single parents, seniors, students, and working moms.

We Make the Meal Ready to Pick Up

If you are too busy to cook, or don’t have time to meal plan, stop by Anna Sudha for a healthy ready-to-eat meal.





Our Mission

Anna Sudha is about creating an environment where people are treated with kindness and respect. We aim to provide food that is prepared with care, kindness, and love for our customers, community, and the Earth.
Our mission is to serve delicious, nutritious Indian vegetarian food that would appeal to a wide range of people from those who are health conscious to those who simply want great-tasting meals. Healthy food should be affordable and accessible to everyone. We would like to spread awareness about Indian culture and traditions through our food and ingredients like spices, lentils, and fresh vegetables.

The birth of Anna Sudha

Anna means 'food' and Sudha means 'nectar of love'. Anna Sudha Community Kitchen was founded by Nupur Panjabi out of her home kitchen in early 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. She realized that the pandemic had significantly changed the food landscape in Northern Virginia and saw a marked increase in food insecurities. Unemployment was high. The lines at food banks were long, and grocery shelves were bare because of interruptions in supply chains. People had stocked up on shelf-stable groceries and were not getting fresh, healthy, nutritious meals. It was her dream to make freshly prepared food accessible to anyone who simply desired it.

Since then Anna Sudha rents a commercial kitchen in Dulles Town Center and has...

Raised $52, 000 for our Community Giving initiatives

Engaged 300 volunteers to help in our kitchen

Distributed 5,500 free meals to shelters and to the food insecure

Made over $30,000 (in-kind donations) to other charities