SENior citizens meal delivery program

Anna Sudha Community Kitchens is very excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Volunteer driven Senior Citizen Meal Delivery Program.

We are proud to partner with Y Point Solutions LLC ( in this initiative. YPoint is helping us with the platform that will assist in the entire process from registration to meal delivery and provide greater visibility in the delivery process.

Detailed communication about the program, how to register as a consumer and volunteer will be sent out in the week of April 15th.

More to come on this, but below is some insight into our program!!!!

Who will benefit from this program?
- 65 years + Individuals

How will this program work?
- Consumers of this program will be given a link to register for the meal delivery service through a platform that is accessible from the desktop and handheld devices.
- Consumers or their loved one’s can complete the basic information on the platform.
- As part of the registration, we will be requesting information about the Name, Address, Age, Emergency contact information, need for financial assistance, number of meals they may require, their ability to either pick up or provide volunteers that can pick up food on their behalf etc.
- Anna Sudha will review and confirm on the acceptance of the application as well as the status about financial aid that may be applicable for the consumer if applicable.

What areas this service is available?
Anna Sudha Community Kitchens plans to roll out this program in three phases.
- Phase 1 – Areas that are located within 10 miles radius of Dulles Town Center location, covering about 31 zip codes.
- Phase 2 – Areas that are located within 15 miles radius of Dulles Town Center location, covering about 70 zip codes.
- Phase 3 – Areas that are located within 30 miles radius of Dulles Town Center location covering about 585 zip codes.

When will this go live?
Anna Sudha Community Kitchens plan to launch the registration process for both consumers and the volunteers from April 15th 2024
- Phase 1 will begin from Monday April 29th with the signups closing by Sunday April 28th  for that week’s meal delivery
- Watch out for more information about the launch timelines for Phase 2 and 3 in our next communication.

How often meals will be delivered?
- Deliveries will be done on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 12 PM – 7 PM

What do I need to know about this program?
- This is a volunteer driven initiative.
- We request consumers to provide two if not three volunteers that can pick up meals for them from designated locations.
- Anna Sudha Community Kitchens will deliver meals for ONLY those who are living alone and require assistance with the help of our volunteers.
- Meals will be cooked on the day of the delivery.
- Meals will not be hot meals since it’s delivered twice a week, and instructions will be provided to heat and consume as part of the confirmation email.
- All orders should be placed by 10 PM on Sunday for the following week delivery.

What are the available menu options for the consumers?
- Detailed menu will be published as part of the next communication, however currently we are looking at Lentils, Dry vegetables, Salad, and Roti as the options to provide nutritious yet balanced meal for the senior citizens.

How much will it cost me for a meal?
- Roti – 5 rotis for $3
- All other dishes will be provided in 8 Oz, 12 Oz, 16 Oz containers for the price of $3, $4, and $6 respectively.