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We cook fresh, healthy, and high-quality vegetarian meals for communities at non-profit rates.

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What We Cook

At Anna Sudha, we provide meals based on Indian cuisine for lunch and dinner. We serve fresh, healthy, delicious food from a pre-decided menu. We believe in clean food that is organic where possible.


We cook fresh food that is nutritious & delicious. We aim to provide a healthy alternative to the typical fast-food convenience of today’s world where obesity is on the rise and people are becoming more aware of their health.


We prepare fresh food on fixed days in our commercial kitchen for pickup. Every meal is freshly made, contains no preservatives or additives, and tastes fabulous.

Vegetarian Meal

Yes, we do not serve meat. We believe that eating fresh vegetarian meals is much healthier than eating meat and we practice what we preach.


Let’s Work Together!

You can support our work by making a donation. Donations of any size make a difference. If you believe in our cause, please donate generously so we can reach out to more people. We appreciate any amount that you would like to give. Also know that when you contribute to Anna Sudha Community Kitchens, 100% of your donation goes directly towards building the kitchen and making healthy meals available in the community. 

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us!

Anna Sudha was a great help to my family during a time of need. The meals were healthy, tasty and nutritious. It allowed me the peace of mind to focus on a home without having to worry about what’s for dinner every night! My kids love it as well, so much so that they have been reluctant to eat other foods at school.

Anna Sudha meals were a life saver for my family and I. We often do not have the time to cook throughout the week and we usually eat out which is more expensive than having someone else prepare your meal. Anna Sudha was an affordable way for us to get healthier food that tastes delicious as well.

My family was very busy and we were looking for a healthy alternative to the typical diet of fast food. We had Anna Sudha prepare our meals and it was great! We enjoyed Indian cuisine which is usually time consuming to make from scratch. The meals tasted fresh, not frozen, and they came on time every day.





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